Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Propagandhi and More

I haven't updated on here in a while. Mostly it's because we have been busy working our asses off writing new material and getting ready to open for Propagandhi, a band we are pretty huge fans of. As soon as I found out we were playing with them, I got super excited, because I realized I wouldn't have to pay to get in this time. Of course I was excited to be playing with them, but saving $20 or more is pretty important these days, ever since The Economy happened. I can't wait for The Economy to stop happening. Living through The Economy is really hard sometimes.

When we got to the venue, I noticed the remnants from the first half of the weekend's Juggalo Fest.

Say what you will, but fifteen dollars is a steal for a Juggalo documentary. You know it has to be hilarious! I wish they still had them when we played. Actually, no I don't, because I was flat broke at the time.

Bridge and Tunnel played after we did, and they were really badass. I took this crappy photo of them on my phone. How much my phone's picture quality sucks is how awesome they were. (If that makes sense. I'm trying to say they were really good.)

After B&T, those wacky guys from Winnipeg took the stage, and when I say they took the stage, I mean just that. I've seen them a couple of times before, and they never disappoint, but the addition of The Beaver made them that much better. I feel like they have evolved really well as a band through the years. Here is another shitty photo.

They played a great mix of old and new material, and it was an honor to open for them, as they are the best band to come from Canada since Rush (you don't get a hotlink for Rush), in my humble opinion. So that was all a lot of fun, and exciting in general.

I'm also excited that we have our 7" on New Age coming out before too long, and tour shortly after. It will be nice to get up to Portland again. It was only November the last time I was there, but it feels like it's been a couple of years. And I've never been to Seattle, so it will be great to get up there for a brief moment.


(Those Slim Jim commercials with Macho Man Randy Savage were the fucking best thing to ever be on television except for Tales From The Crypt and The Twilight Zone. And maybe Space Ghost Coast To Coast and Upright Citizens Brigade.)

Until next time, brother!!