Sunday, July 26, 2009

West Coast Tour - Day 1

We hit the road after practice last night with Adam and Emmett, (Adam driving a second van) some time after 10PM. Not even 100 miles outside of town, we got pulled over. Jay got out all of the important documents and gave them to the cop who then said, "Step out of the vehicle." We all sort of thought it was weird and whispered to Jay to ask why we got pulled over.

"Can I ask why you pulled me over?" Jay said.

"I'll tell you when you get out of the car," the cop said in a pretty angry voice. Jay got out of the car and went to talk to the cop for ten or fifteen minutes while the rest of us sat there, wondering what to do.

"Um," I said, "should I get out and help?"

In unison, Mark and Kellen said, "No!" Then one of them, I think it was Mark, went on saying, "That's when they call in the friends and get out the tazers and nightsticks." A few minutes after that, Jay got back in the car and all he had was a repair order for the light over the van's license plate. I don't know why it took that long, but there you have it. We hit the road again, making a couple stops for a couple things, we arrived at Chris Rouse's place a little before 6AM, and we all went to sleep pretty much immediately.

We woke up around 10AM to go meet Mike and Ashley Hellfish at Mother's and have some amazing brunch, which was as worth it as was expected. A bunch of us had pretty much the same thing with some minimal discrepancies, which made it really easy for them to screw up our orders, but they did a pretty good job, and I think we all left super satisfied.

We then hit the road to go check out the twenty-foot plus waves that are hitting right now on Newport Beach, but the traffic was so bad that we just ended up driving around by the beach and ended up turning around. It was okay though, because we ended up having plenty of kid-like fun, chanting random things at random people as we drove about 5MPH down the road. By the end, Jay and Emmett were leaning out of the windows, giving high fives to people passing by the other direction in cars and on bikes. After a while, we decided that they should start fake high fiving people, like how you pull your hand away at the last minute. We got a couple people pretty good, and it was super amusing. Probably the best part of the whole drive was when a fifty-something woman was walking with four "McLattes" and Emmett shouted, "Yeah, nice lattes!" She sort of stopped, looked around, and approached a different car as we drove off, and she did not look happy at all. We were hoping she would throw one of the lattes at someone, but it didn't happen.

After all of the fun, we started heading to the show in Murrieta at Vic's Warehouse. It took a little bit to get there, but we managed to make it there a little early. The venue was super awesome, and it reminded me of The Chamber back home, but a little more official, I guess, which can be good bad or neutral, depending on your perspective. There was a decent amount of kids there, and I was pretty happy with our set, so I guess you could say it went pretty well. As we were loading our equipment into the van, we saw an owl fly overhead, a bunny run away, and a tiny little mouse running around. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but it happened.

There's not much more to tell and I'm ready to go to fucking sleep, so yup.

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