Wednesday, July 29, 2009

West Coast Tour - Day 3

We woke up in The Oven and slowly pulled ourselves together to face the day. Once we were ready, we headed into Roseville to get a little taste of culture, and by culture, I mean the same corporations you see all across the country, so not really culture at all. Though, Olivehurst, CA is supposedly the “Meth Capital of the World”, so it was really a tough choice at that point, what was the better option. And besides, we had to get to Guitar Corp. so Mark could return one of his drum heads. After we dicked around in their for a while (I always tend to gravitate toward the synthesizers), we went to go see Bruno. Some of us went to the movie while Mark, Adam and Kellen went to find some food. Yet again, I’m not sure what was the better option.

After the movie, we went to wrap up a few other things. Primarily, we got some wart medicine for the warts Jay has been getting on his hand, as a result of the curse that I apparently put on him. (I really need to start cursing people more often.) We had some fun with the wart medicine, pouring it on Emmett and my hands, and on the back of my neck, which left a huge red mark for about 24 hours.

We got back to The Oven about an hour or so before the show started, so I went and got some beers with some of the fine young gentlemen from Olivehurst (the non-tweeker kind). I decided that I’m going to drink before every show on this tour since the two shows before tour, I was a little drunk, and had a great time. We sat in the heat and were reminded of home, while waiting for kids to arrive. Somewhere around 6, the show started. There were a few bands, and they were all awesome. We got to share the bill with three phenomenal touring bands, Maladie from Mexico, Bokanovsky from France, and Drowning With Our Anchors from San Francisco. There's just something about playing in a tiny garage with good sound that really doesn't compare to much of anything.

After the show, we hung out for a bit with the dudes from Caulfield (who also played and ruled), waited for things to wind down, then hit the road for Reno. Somehow, there seemed to be construction and detours the entire drive there. The convenience store we stopped at had a guy out front that was looking me up and down, staring at my tattoos. I felt like I was in Deliverance, or possibly Hatchet. We managed to make it to Reno without being brutally slaughtered or ass-raped though, so that was good. We're at Joe and Mary's house. They are awesome, and sleeping is awesome, too.

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