Friday, July 31, 2009

West Coast Tour - Day 5

We woke up, sort of feeling like we didn't want to leave, and managed to make some time to spend with Joe and Mary before we did. We were served some delicious fruit, some of which came from their garden, and there was coffee and tea available as well. Seriously, these people rule. And so does their son, who everyone seems to call by his middle name, Danger, which seems pretty awesome, to me. We went to a sweet diner across the street to grab a substantial breakfast before we hit the road to Redding, then said bye to everyone, which was a little sad, because Reno was a huge amount of fun to be in.

The road to Redding was incredibly gorgeous, and I really have nothing more to say about that, so here is an example. (Click it to enlarge.)

We pulled up to Champion Tattoo in Redding to meet up with Kurt and grab some food. He and John went to pick up the PA for the show while the rest of us sort of farted around, then went to the show. It was going to be at Deville's, but apparently the place was shut down the night before, from what I understand, so it ended up at a random house. I guess the kids were moving out in the next day or two and didn't have any power. They ran an extension cord from the house next door to power the show, which was awesome. There was no AC, which blew balls, but it's not like we're Freddie Fucking Mercury, so who really cares? The coolest part, for me, were the two ginormous black widow eggs that were under the "secret panel" on the wooden porch.

The show was hot as balls and Jesus, to put it lightly. Everyone there was super awesome, but I'm quite sure that everyone there was ready to be done with the heat. It's pretty much a miracle I didn't pass out during our set.

After the show, we took the drive straight to Portland which, like every other road on this tour, was full of construction. Kellen did most of the driving (in the van I was in) for the long-ass night-drive, because he rules. We stopped for about a half an hour at a random rest stop where I got a break from everything and sat in a forest, staring up through the trees at the stars while talking to someone who is very close and important to me. (Awww, look at that. Jeffrey has a personal, emotional side.)

We got back on the road and, somehow, with only 30 minutes of sleep, Kellen managed to make it all the way to Adam's at about 7AM, and we had left around 10PM. And, of course, at that point, it was straight to bed.

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