Wednesday, July 29, 2009

West Coast Tour - Day 2

West Coast Tour - Day 2

We woke up around 9AM at Chris’s house, to get some things ready before we hit the road. The two vans went separate ways, John, Mark and Adam going to Mike Hartsfield’s place to get more copies of the 7” for the rest of tour. The rest of us went to an auto parts store to get a bulb for over the license plate. We popped the cover off and it turned out that the light was fine, it was just shoved up into the van a little bit, so we didn’t actually need to repair anything!

Next stop: Whole Foods. Actually, it was the biggest fucking Whole Foods any of us had ever seen in our lives. We went in planning to get a couple little tings, and most of us spent about twenty bucks in there. I could have spent a lot more, to be honest, so being able to reign it in on that one is pretty commendable, or at least I think so. I had a vegan tuna salad sandwich, which was good enough, some rosemary potatoes, which were fairly tasty, and some tempeh Chinese “chicken” salad, which was pretty goddamned amazing.

We managed to pry ourselves out and hit the road to Fresno. We didn’t think we would make it on time, but we pulled up to the Chinatown Youth Center a little early, which was a pretty good surprise. We played there in March and had a really god time, so it was nice to make it back there. As before, everyone there was really cool to us, and they even cooked us some pretty tasty pasta, which I somehow managed to still have room for after eating most of the stuff I bought at Whole Foods. Everyone started to show up and the first band, Necrowizard, took the stage. They were, in my opinion, the best Fresno band I have heard. They played a Slayer cover and a D.R.I. cover, and had plenty of sweet metal riffs. After them were The Bombpops from San Diego. It’s always nice to see girls in bands, because there is just an overwhelming amount of dudes rocking out. They were playing some pretty awesome punk in the vein of Op Ivy/Rancid and F-Minus (and, no, the F-Minus comparison is not just because there are women in the band).

After the show, a few of the guys were getting on me for not hooking up with any girls on tour. Specifically Jen from The Bombpops. It was a little bit funny, and I imagine I’m going to here about it the entire rest of tour. Actually, scratch that. I imagine I’m going to hear about it well after tour.

We drove straight to Olivehurst through the night. It was about a three-hour drive, if I’m not mistaken. We pulled up to the house we were staying at quite a bit before Adam, Mark and John, and since we’re wimps, we weren’t sure if we should just go up and knock, or whatever, since we didn’t have the number of the people whose house it was. After a while, we just drove there, and they came out front to meet us, were super welcoming, and showed us where we could crash, which was on the floor of the garage where we would be playing in the next night. This was no problem, so we al set up camp and went to bed as quickly as we could. This garage is awesome and I can’t fucking wait to play a show in here!!

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