Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 2 - 580 and Air Fries

We woke up at Jake’s house somewhere around 10, hung out for a little bit, then said bye to Jake, Simon and Kyle, and got some more tasty burritos. We went to Giant Corporate guitar shop to get a few things before we headed out to Chris’s place, which would be home base for the next few days. The drive there didn’t have anything exciting like a Verizon convention. There were a few insane motorcycle riders that we were convinced we would see the corpses of down the road, but that was about it.

We got to Chris’s house and were welcomed with open arms, and greeted by yet another pet, Riley. Riley is a dog, and Simon the cat probably weighs more. We were offered some awesome vegan food, and regretted having eaten burritos, except Jay, who was a champ, and still managed to wolf down more food.

After a little bit hanging out, it was time to head to the show. We pulled up to The 508 House in Pasadena, CA. This place is fucking awesome. It’s a Victorian house that got turned into a venue three years ago that the people who run got turned into a historical building so that it can’t be torn down. We went down the street to a vegetarian fast food restaurant called Orean…, which was pretty good, except for the French fries, which were called “Air Fries” for some unknown reason. Guesses as to why ranged from, “They just take all of the meat out of a potato and pump the skin full of air,“ to, “They’re filled with toxins, so you feel like you’re floating on air. The point is, Orean… is great, but you don’t want the air fries.

We rushed back to the show, because we were playing second and the show was about to start. We got there all pumped to go, only to realize there was no PA, and there were two bands that had been added on to the show, so we were playing fourth now. It all turned out good, as Feed Walrus Defeat were fucking outstanding. The whole show was a blast, and there was a good amount of kids there. Definitely my favorite of the two shows so far, though hijacking a show was pretty fun. The only bummer was that one of the casters on the bass cab busted, but it's not the first time some of us have dealt with this, so it's not that big of a deal.

After the show, we hung out with the guys from Feed Walrus Defeat and Wolf Mother Fucker, and some other friends for a bit, then we went off to Denny’s to hang out and relax for an hour or two. We finally made our way back to Chris’s place at about 4 in the morning, exhausted and ready for bed. This was definitely a good day.

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