Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 5 - The End

We woke up in Motel Sucks to the sounds of our twacked out neighbors arguing. Whether they had ever stopped during the time we slept or not remains unknown. After grabbing some showers and deuces, we grabbed all of our stuff to head out. We got a quick glimpse of our neighbors, and they were surely shady. As soon as I walked past the guy that was outside the room, he looked at me, sort of panicked a little bit and went back into his room. John said that, when he checked out, the girl who was with them, who had track marks all over her arm, was speaking to the woman at the counter. “Can I get the deposit?” she asked. “There is no deposit,” the counter lady replied. “They told me to get he deposit.” “There is no deposit.” So, from what it sounds like, she was a prostitute, and they told her they would pay her with the deposit which, it turned out, didn’t exist. Just a fucked up situation all around.

Everyone piled into the van, and we hit the road for Fresno, really excited to see what the show was going to be like. Before getting too far, we stopped to get “breakfast” at Taco Bleh, which was probably the best food I’ve ever had at said location (which isn’t saying much, of course), then we piled back in the van to go get gas and get moving a little further. We stopped at a Burger Krap to take a crap, and Mark and I ran over to a gas station to get some snacks. I got some golden Oreos and Mark got some peanuts. As soon as Mark popped some nuts in his mouth, he said, “Oh, man, these nuts are bad.” I promptly checked the expiration date on the cookies and notice that had expired three weeks ago, so I ran back in and exchanged them for a Mountain Poo, which actually cost more, but I took it anyway, because I’m like, a total rebel and stuff.

After a few more hours, we finally pulled into Fresno. From what I could see, Fresno isn’t exactly the safest place. There were definitely dudes all over looking to mug us, but since we’re all such tough guys, no one fucks with us. (In case it isn‘t glaringly obvious, I’m a total pussy.) The doors of The Chinatown Youth Center opened up, we unloaded our gear and were greeted with smiles and spaghetti, which was perfect because, well, we like smiles, and we were hungry as shit. The kids at the show were all really awesome, and we felt really welcome there. The four opening bands, from what I gathered, shared a lot of their equipment, and were done insanely fast. We already had all of our stuff backlined, so we got ready fairly quick, and started playing. I broke a string (What else is new?) toward the end of our first song, but fortunately, I was smart enough to bring a backup guitar, and I was able to jump back in before the song was done.

We all felt really good about playing there, and we would be happy to go back there any time, which seems to be the general way that this whole tour has gone up to this point. And here we are, on the ten hour drive home from Fresno, talking about discovering masturbation, hacking computers and our childhoods. I couldn’t be happier in a band than I am with these guys, and I’m definitely satisfied with how the last five days have gone. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone that out us up at their places and spent time with us, all of whom I’ve mentioned already. Seriously, thanks a ton, guys. You all made this short little tour really easy. I definitely feel like we cheated, it was so easy.

I really wish we were still going to be touring for months, but I guess you just have to go home sometimes.

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