Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 4 - Mother's and Tweekers

We woke up at Chris’s house, and I know I was feeling super refreshed, especially after taking the first shower I’ve taken on tour so far. (It’s okay, I normally don’t shower more than two or three times a week.) After we lazed around for a little bit, we went to eat at Mother’s Market, where they have a menu with somewhere between twenty and forty vegan items, including a bunch of different shakes and smoothies. I’m fairly certain we all ate way more than our fair share, but no one regretted it, in the end.

As soon as we finished, we met up with Mike and Ashley, who joined us for the ride to the show in Riverside. We really wanted to go to the beach (especially Jay), but we didn’t have the time, so we got on the freeway to Riverside to deal with the CA rush hour traffic. We took the toll road, which I haven’t done before, and it was a lot faster than I expected it to be, which was good since we were worried about being late.

We pulled up to The Pharaoh’s Den at about six and no one was there, so we went next door to a coffee shop. Now, don’t ask me why, but I personally fucking hate coffee shops, and this one was no different. As soon as we sat down, the people next to us started staring and whispering. I just did what Ialways do in that situation and stared back until they stopped whispering and starting having actual conversation with each other again. Jay and Mike went downstairs to play pool and I followed after them a few minutes later. I watched them play pool for a bit and some random guy came up to chat with us for a little bit. At 6:30, a woman came over and told us they rented out the room at that time on Mondays, so we left. It all worked out because that’s when Pharaoh’s Den was supposed to open their doors.

One thing I didn’t mention is that the place had a huge staircase right at the entrance. Stairs are always fun to load gear up, so we were definitely looking forward to that part. By the time all of our gear was upstairs, we were pretty well drenched in sweat. Everyone got settled in, the first band, Abandoned, played, then we set up our shit and went. A couple songs in, Jay busted a bass string, but it wasn’t a problem, because the bass player from From The Depths let him use his bass, and he even let him tune it from D standard to E standard, which was pretty rad of him. After us, Deadhed played, the From The Depths, who are definitely my favorite band we’ve played with so far. They are the perfect mix of hardcore and assorted kinds of metal. I really hope we get to see them again soon. After they played, Seven Generations played, which was awesome since they weren’t able to play with us in Pasadena, and it would have sucked to not play any of the shows on this tour with them, since we set the tour up with them initially. Mike Hartsfield from New Age came out to see the show. He’s a really awesome guy, and he looks like David cross, which makes him even cooler.

After the show, we said bye to all of the guys in Seven Gen and Mike (Hellfish) and Ashley, and got in the van to go eat at Santana’s, which was pretty badass. We hung out there for a bit with Nate, who put on the show, then we followed him to the Motel 6 by his place, where we crashed for the night with five of us in a room that was meant for two. We pulled some covert ops, avoiding the security guard as we got out of the van, only to realize as we settle in that he probably had bigger things to worry about than us, like the tweekers shouting in the room next to us all night. We heard them shout, “Are you stupid?!” “I’ll hit him!” “I will hurt him!” “I’ll shoot him!” and other such things. It was a little tough to fall asleep, worrying about being hit by a stray bullet flying through the wall, but I managed to do it.

It was a pretty fun night, and I know we’re al extremely glad we got to play with From The Depths, because they we’re outstanding.

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