Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3 - Pizza Madness, Horses and Houses

Today was amazing.

Really, that sums it up, and I could just leave it at that, but I'm not going to. We woke up at Chris's place after they had left to play their Gilman show, unsure if we would be playing a show or not, tonight. Before we knew it, Chris's mom delivered us two AMAZING vegan pizzas. I thought, after eating them, I would never eat another pizza as good as that in my life, let alone better, let alone on the same day, but I'll get back to that.

After we ate, we went to the hardware store to get some lumber and screws to fix the bass cab with. We had to unload the van in the middle of a parking lot with cars driving by to get the measurements, but we got through it without incident. As soon as John came out with the supplies, we checked the sizes, loaded everything up and headed to the Hellfish warehouse to hang out with Michael and borrow his drill to fix the cab. We saw the sleeves for the new Run With The Hunted EP, "Destroy All Calendars" being printed, and the look really awesome.

After John finished his handiwork, we loaded the van back up, and just then, Michael finished what he was doing. He took us where he and his wife, Ashley, have their horses. (It's actually where Ashley works, too.) We walked around there for quite a while, checking out a bunch of other people's horses and goats, then Michael showed us their horses, Gitan and Dracula. Gitan is about a foot taller than a "regular" horse, and is also super gentle. Not to mention that he is a super rare breed. (Michael said he is a $30,000 horse, and the woman who previously had him just gave him to Ashley!) A few of us took a ride or two on her. Unfortunately, Mark had a drink from Shitbucks Coffee that wrecked his stomach, and my hip has been pretty fucked up the last couple of days, so he and I didn't ride, but Kellen, Jay and John did, and they looked awesome doing it. (I have been taking some video, so keep checking here as the weeks go on, because it will take me a while to sort through and edit all of it.)

After a few really fun hours there, we went back to Ashley and Michael's place where they made us five incredible vegan pizzas. As phenomenal as the pizza we had earlier was, I liked these ones more, though they were definitely different. Chris's mom's pizza is more of a gourmet pizza, and Michael and Ashley's is more like a regular pizza. In fact, it's the only vegan pizza I've ever had that looked and tasted like non-vegan pizza. Who knew that I would have the two best vegan pizzas I've ever had on the same day?

We finished the pizza and the salad Kellen made, hung out for a little bit, then went to see The Last House On The Left, which wasn't as good as I hoped, but it wasn't terrible either. There were quite a few hysterical lines (though I couldn't tell whether or not they were intentionally funny), and some pretty good scenes of violence, but when all was said and done, it really was just ridiculous and nonsensical.

We departed from the nonsense, took Michael home, then went back to Chris's and passed out. Definitely a successful day off, and I wish that I could convey just how phenomenal it was in writing, but it doesn't feel like I'm doing it justice at all.

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