Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Age and Royal Monsters

We're pretty stoked to have New Age Records putting out our demo as a 7"!

Here's the blurb from the New Age website.

Featuring ex members of Where Eagles Dare, Landmine Marathon, George Moshington and Get Destroyed Phoenix Arizona's Royal Monsters bring experience from all over the hardcore/punk/metal spectrum. Formed in December of 2008, Kellen (WED) enlisted the help of John (WED) and Mark(GM) to get the band started.

" I wanted to start a fast, pissed off hardcore band that was challenging musically, not just simple power chords ". The addition of Jeffrey (LM) and Jay (GD) into the band added a whole new range of musical possibilities and a step even farther away from simplistic hardcore/punk songwriting.

Infusing punk, traditional hardcore, metal and thrash the desperate, dark and furious sound of Royal Monsters was born. With lyrics focusing on personal politics, experience of our culture from an outside perspective, and turmoil and struggle throughout history, it's a departure from most of the members previous bands subject matter.

"We got into the space, started writing songs, and wrote and wrote and wrote. It's been so great everyone clicked musically, and the songs just poured out."
No strangers to the road, all members have logged more than their fair share of miles around this country and this band will be no different.
"We booked our first tour before the demo was even recorded, and we have no plans of slowing down". "Europe, Japan, Australia are all in our sites as well as spending some more time on the road in the US".

Royal Monsters and New Age records have teamed up to put the bands first 7", expect multiple colors for you record nerds.

Keep posted here and on the New Age site for info.

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