Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just a little note from the Vatican...

In case you don't want to read it...

The pope is telling AFRICA not to use condoms (where hundreds die every day from HIV related illness) because they should practice abstinence.
He's being asked to retract his statement (because it's retarded) but he won't because he's infallible technically and can't be wrong.
That's a tough spot to be in, to put your foot in your mouth and not be able to take it out or risk collapsing the entire point of your existence. It's tough to be the Pope. It's even tough to be a creepy little Nazi pope.

In other news, a good friend of my family got arrested today in a "Illegal Immigration Sweep" done by our very own racist sheriff Joe Arpio. This man served in Vietnam, and is currently a pastor for poverty stricken families all over the valley. A good majority of the poor people in the Arizona community are Illegal Immigrants. Which sends the arguments of "they took our jobs" right into the shitter. Most illegal immigrants don't get hired on at Old Navy, T-mobile, office buildings or (the largest employer of americans) Walmart. I digress. A good majority of the people this man preaches to are poor, illegal immigrants.
Sheriff Joe decided to do a raid this morning near (he won't actually burst into the church) the church he was scheduled to speak at and rounded everyone up.
This man has given his life to the service of other people ( this country, religious council) and is now sitting in jail for being BROWN. His family has been completely disrupted by having to get all of his legal documentation to prove that the ID he's carrying is legit and he's an actual citizen of this country. He's IN JAIL, on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant because of the color of his skin.

Racial profiling at it's finest.
Though Sheriff Joe says it's not what he's doing.

I've never been asked to prove my legal status in this country because my skin is white...

Fuck Sheriff Joe, and fuck anyone who supports any of his completely racist policies.


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Run with the Hunted said...

Fuck Sherrif Joe and his seemly legal racial profiling.

Is it only legal because he actually gets away with it? I, and many others like me, can't wait until the day when Sherrif Joe is taken before a court of law.